Know The Product Grade Difference

Product Grade Difference. Know Before Buy.

There are too many of customers that keep asking what is grade? How about grade AA or Original 1:1? So, today we will explain to all of you about this matter and help you all from any scam of the seller.

Know The Product Grade Difference 1

Grade A :

This is the lowest grade among them. The good that sold from this grade was been copied from the original design about 10% only. Sometimes, nobody knew that this is the copied goods. Commonly, this grade only from Thailand factory, and sometimes it come from China but rarely. At the market price, the goods will be price at least from RM10 – RM50 and it’s all depend on that good actually.

Grade AA:

This grade not too bad actually. This is the grade that most of the customer afford to buy. The good only copied about 40% from the original one. Also, commonly the market price of the good is at not more than RM100 and also, it’s all depend on the goods.

Grade AAA:

This is the middle grade among of them. This is also the grade that most of the sellers sell. This is the nice grade and they copied from the original about in 70%. Most of the good also not more than RM150 or RM200.

Grade AAAAA:

This is the rare grade that seller could sell. It is because, goods and grade just a little bit different with the 1:1 grade. So, mostly the goods that have been copied from the original is about 85%. Normally, this goods is already copied just same like the original but, the specification of the goods just broke at the some point. For example, when the goods are in nice condition.. but, their tag was false. So, it has falls into this grade. The price is only a little bit cheap that the 1:1 grade. Now, the product that we sell, product grade difference that you must know…

1:1 Grade:


This is the expensive grade. It also nearly same as the original from A until Z. But at the certain point, there is a damage on it. But, the sad story is…the price is commonly at a high rate. For instance, there was a type of watch that nearly to thousand Malaysia Ringgit for each.

So, which one that you are affordable to buy? Or do you prefer original? Try to ask yourself about it.

P/s: All price is depends on the type of the goods.  But, In a mean time, copy is a copy. And original will remain being original. Know product grade difference before you buy. If you want 100% same, just go and buy the original one okay ?

Thank you dear ?

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